The Curriculum

Alton Park Junior School aims to develop each and every pupil to their full potential. To do this, we teach a broad and balanced curriculum.

We use a wide range of strategies to appeal to pupils’ different learning styles and needs. Active learning, speaking and listening, drama, paired and group work, as well as direct teaching, are used across the year groups. Whenever possible learning is cross-curricular and linked in themes or ‘Topics’. Learning is further enhanced by school trips, visiting authors and theatre companies. We regularly invite specialists into school to enhance the children’s’ learning further.

National Curriculum

The basic requirements for our school curriculum for Key Stage 2 are laid down by the National Curriculum and consists of;

Core Subjects


Foundation Subjects

Design Technology.
PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) being a good citizen
Spanish (formally taught from year 3 up)

In addition, we follow the Essex agreed syllabus for RE.

What we are learning

To find our further detail on what is being taught in each subject during the current term, view the relevant curriculum map.

Curriculum Maps

We also aim to keep parents updated on any new initiatives which we undertake and to actively involve you in your children’s learning.