Community Links

The school continues to place great value on its links with the wider community, beyond the confines of the school and these are wide ranging.

Please note: whilst Alton Park Junior School wishes to bring local clubs/events to your attention, we are not affiliated with these and parents/carers are responsible for carrying out their own safeguarding enquiries.

What’s happening in Essex

Subscribe to the Essex County Council website for news of what’s happening in Essex – local events, adult community learning, jobs, libraries, highways and lots more.


Visit the Explore Essex website to find out about upcoming events.

Tendring Voices Community Choir

Choir Meetings

The Girls Brigade

Clacton Girls’ Brigade



Essex Sports Courses

Tennis: 3-14 Years
Sports: 3-14 Years

Support for Families

Coffee Mornings

Online Safety

What parents need to know about Snapchat
What parents need to know about TikTok
5 ways to make YouTube safer for kids

Clacton Library

Essex Libraries – Free Graphic Novels Downloads

Jaywick Sands Revival Group

Our Community: Our Heroes – 19th September 2020

Family Support Organisations and Ideas for Family Outings

Didi Para Dance – for Special Educational Needs children and for those with disabilities

NHS News

5 Reasons to Immunise

Support for families dealing with Autism

Living Well Essex – Autism
Autism Education Trust

 Adult Community Learning

ACL Free Maths & English Courses for Parents
ACL June Updates
ACL Learn Together Week (29th June-5th July)

Children’s University

CU Website