Other useful information for parents/carers

Books and guides to share with children:-

Children’s Commissioner Publication: Children’s Guide to Coronavirus
Coronavirus – a Book for Children
Harriet the Hopeful Hermit Crab
Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman
Dr Radha’s Wellbeing Tips

Online Safety:-

5 ways to make YouTube safer for kids

Adult Learning:-

ACL #KeepLearning
ACL Free Mental Health & Wellbeing Online Courses
ACL #CelebratingCarers
ACL New Courses, Mental Health Awareness & Competitions

Essex County Council:-

Tips to reduce your waste during COVID-19
Essex Plastic Pledge Newsletter – May 2020

Other Activities:-

Creative Essex – Crafts


Where do I top up my pre-payment card for gas and electric if the shop is shut?

Get in touch with your supplier as there are ways for them to upload to your meter or to send a pre-loaded card. They also advise that you open the door on your meter if it is outside, so that someone could come and top it up.  For more detailed information from Citizens Advice, please click here.