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Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents

We are using Google Classroom as our learning platform. Every child has been given a QR code and an emoji password. Please keep these details somewhere safe! Either of these can be used to log in, by following this link.




The first time your child logs in from a new device, they will need their username and password. These have been sent out in a letter. Once your child has logged in, they can then use their emoji password or QR code to access this link.

From here, your child will be able to access online learning set by the teacher as well as logging into Purple Mash and Times Table Rockstars. Google Classroom will allow the school to share online resources, create and link to videos with teaching points, record and share the teachers introducing lessons and activities, set assignments, projects and quizzes for the children to complete and give children feedback on their work and progress. We will also be able to invite the class to join a video call for live discussions and teaching time through Google Classroom.

To access Google Classroom:

Go to the dashboard from the link above and then log in using your child’s username and password. The username and password have been sent to you by letter – you can email the year team for these details if you cannot locate the information.

How to log in to Google Classroom
Accessing work and responding to feedback

Google Classroom app:

Don’t forget to download the Google Classroom app. This is the best way to access Google Classroom from an Android tablet or phone and will send alerts when assignments are scheduled etc.

Also available through the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Google Classroom tutorials:

Saving and handing in work on Google Classroom Uploading a picture or work to Google Classroom

Keeping everyone safe in live sessions:

Rules for a good live session:

1. Access your meeting through Google Classroom.

2. Behave well and follow classroom expectations.

3. Dress appropriately.

4. Make sure your background is plain (like a blank wall or sofa) or blurred and that you’re in a quiet but visible area.

5. Mute your microphone until you are asked to speak.

6. Enjoy!



Staying safe online:

It is important for parents to be vigilant about their child’s online activity and to inform the school of any concerns, using the year team email address. These websites have useful information about internet safety:

Expectations for parents for home learning:

  • Support your child in maintaining a regular working routine
  • View the work set and then make appropriate plans to complete the work
  • Should anything be unclear in the work that is set, parents can communicate with class teachers via their year group email address; [email protected]
  • Support your child to engage with their learning and complete the work set
  • Respond to school surveys about barriers to accessing online learning at home
  • Plan for daily reading, spelling and times tables practice – at least 20 minutes of each
  • Work that children complete at home must be kept safely at home so it can be brought back to school when the child returns
  • Provide an appropriate place for the child to work to the best of his or her ability, encouraging good levels of concentration
  • Be mindful of mental well-being of both yourself and your child and encourage him or her to take regular breaks, play games, get fresh air (if you have a garden) and relax

Reasons for home-learning

A pupil is symptomatic and is isolating while awaiting the outcome of a Covid-19 test. A pupil may have to isolate for up to 10 days.

Letter for parents regarding individuals self-isolating

Whole-school lockdown. School is closed to the majority of pupils due to a local or national lockdown initiated by the Department for Health.


We know that all families are different and we are mindful of the needs and pressures on all households at this time. However, it is expected that pupils who are isolating should access a complete curriculum. We will offer a mix of online and paper-based learning that, together, reflects the curriculum in school. We will use a range of resources and prompts including work booklets, worksheets and online resources we have created ourselves or access from BBC Bitesize, Oak National Academy, White Rose Maths and other sources.







     What we are doing in school

  • We are using Google Classroom in school so the children learn how to access, complete and submit their learning.
  • To familiarise ourselves with the technology, we will be setting some ‘home-learning’ tasks for homework.
  • We have invested in Chromebooks in school so the children have improved access to online learning as part of their everyday curriculum.
  • We are planning the curriculum with online learning in mind, so there will be a range of work available for home learning that links to what is happening in class.
  • When individuals return from self-isolating, they will receive additional support to review the work they have completed and have extra support to catch up on any learning they have missed.
  • We are producing packs of worksheets that can be given out at short notice to individuals who are told to isolate
  • We have invested in some workbooks that children will use in school as part of their classroom learning, but which can also be taken home for home learning activities.

We are planning how we can keep in touch through the year group email addresses

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

and through telephone calls and video calls (via Google Classroom).

Curriculum Maps


Year 3 Year 4 YEAR 5 Year 6

Curriculum Area



White Rose Maths scheme of work Face to face and online curriculum are aligned.
White Rose video lessons used at least weekly Pupils are familiar with online format. Videos used for lesson introductions and tasks set using White Rose Resources. Supplemental activities from CGP workbooks.
NCETM daily lesson videos Exemplify mastery approach and a potential lesson series for remote learning.
Purple Mash – Serial Mash reading comprehension Pupils are familiar with the format as it was used in lockdown and will be used weekly in class.
Writing sequence will be in 3 or 4 week units Will be delivered in class and recorded and embedded in Google Classroom. Google Classroom will be used in class. Further tasks set through CGP workbooks.
Oak National Academy aligns well with our medium term plan Use video lessons to switch to online learning where needed. Video lesson starters are used in class so pupils are familiar with the format.
History and Geography
Align with Oak National Academy where appropriate Can switch to a unit of ONA if required.
Language Angels Scheme being brought in to ‘kick start’ French and Spanish teaching Provides online resources, including videos, activities and vocab sheets, which can be shared through Google Classroom if required.
Kapow units followed in whole class teaching These resources and lesson outlines transfer well to Google Classroom, so will align with medium term planning.
Kapow units followed in whole class teaching These resources and lesson outlines transfer well to Google Classroom, so will align with medium term planning.