For our latest Coronavirus updates, click here. Please check the website regularly for updates.
If your Year 2 child is joining us from Oakwood in September, click here to find out about teachers and classes.
Pupil start dates in September: New Year 3’s will attend on Thursday, 3rd September, Years 3 & 4  will attend on Friday, 4th September.  All year groups will attend from Monday, 7th September.  Click here to see the arrangements that have been made for returning to school in September.

COVID-19 Information for Parents/Carers

We have created this new Covid-19 Menu tab as a ‘one-stop’ for parents/carers to make it easier to see up-to-date information including:-

  • links to Home Learning;
  • information about FSM Supermarket voucher scheme;
  • updates from Essex County Council, Department for Education and Government;
  • literature for children re Coronavirus (see under other useful advice for parents/carers)
  • health advice

Just click on the Covid-19 tab and select from the sub-menus.

Headteacher Updates

COVID RISK ASSESSMENT (SEPTEMBER 2020) Home School Agreement (revised 28th August 2020) FAQs for Return to School September 2020 to parents (revised 28th August 2020) Behaviour Policy Amendment (revised 28th August 2020) Thank you to Parents (July 2020) TIMETABLE FOR RETURN TO SCHOOL IN SEPTEMBER 2020 (14TH JULY 2020)