Making Papyrus – the Ancient Egyptian way

Ancient Egyptians is the Summer Term project for Year 4’s. One of our topics is to make Papyrus, but what is it?

The word papyrus refers primarily to the papyrus plant. We learnt that the papyrus plant had a number of uses in Ancient Egyptian times, including making clothes and a paper-like material to write on. The paper was also called papyrus.

We made our own papyrus-style paper, using brown paper and a glue and water mixture. We placed strips of brown paper, which had been covered with glue, horizontally on some greaseproof paper. Next we placed a second set of strips vertically over our first set of strips. Finally, we left our paper to dry.

Once it is dry, we will be adding some Egyptian-style art to our papyrus. Look back soon for pictures of our work!


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