Year 5



On behalf of all of the children and staff in the Year 5 team, I would like to welcome you to the Year 5 section of our school website.

We will be learning about Space and the Tudors and many more interesting subjects. We are very excited about this term as we are delving into the lives of Vikings and Saxons before finally moving on to investigate Tropical Rainforests and the work of David Attenborough.

In Year 5 we are a team, we believe that learning is a journey and should be fun. We know that when we work together, we can achieve amazing things! Due to our determination and perseverance, we stretch ourselves every day – we are not afraid of a challenge and we hope that you see this when you look at our fantastic work.

We have a large teaching team in year 5 including LSAs and HLTAs, the class teachers are myself, Miss Diffey, Mr Falconer and Mr Varty and have has the excellent support of our dedicated HLTA, Mrs Whalley. All of us have an open door policy so should you have any concerns or ideas (it doesn’t matter how small it seems), please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,

Miss Howell
Head of Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Map

During the coming year we intend to cover the following topics in our classes. We hope you find this information useful in supporting your child’s learning.

Year 5 Long Term Plan 2018/2019


Y5 Autumn 2018 Multiplication Year 5 Autumn 2018 Multiplication Y5 Autumn 2018 Spelling Homework Term 1A Y5 Autumn 2018 Spelling Homework Term 1B Times Table Book Mark Reference Y5 & 6 Statutory Spellings

Year 5 Staff

Miss K Howell

Head of Year 5, Teacher 5KH, British Values Co-ordinator

Miss A Diffey

Teacher 5AD, RE Subject Co-ordinator

Mr R Varty

Teacher 5RV

Mr W Falconer

Teacher 5WF

Mrs P Whalley

Senior HLTA, HLTA for Y5, Breakfast Club Co-ordinator, Music Co-ordinator

Mr M Evans

Teaching Assistant 5WF

Mrs E Bird

Teaching Assistant 5RV (3 days), Mid-Day Assistant

Mrs P Symonds

Teaching Assistant 5AD

Miss R Chappell

Teaching Assistant 5RV, Mid-Day Assistant

Mr L O’Shea

Teaching Assistant 5KH, Mid-Day Assistant

Miss D Regan

Teaching Assistant 5KH, Mid-Day Assistant