Premium Sports Funding

What is Primary Physical Education and Sports Premium Funding ?

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum in order to improve provision of physical education(PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding is being provided jointly by the Department of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.

How much funding is available ?

Funding varies according to the pupil numbers on roll but during the academic year 2014 to 2015 Alton Park junior received £9, 560. The funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. Similar sums should be received in the future.

How will we measure the impact ?

During the academic year we will continue to monitor the progress of all pupils through teacher assessments each term, pupil questionnaires and lesson observations. This will inform future decisions about PE and sport provision at Alton Park.

Sports Premium Funding 2014/2015

This year we have used the services of a sports co-ordinator to provide a wide variety of free sports clubs and activities for the children. These clubs included :

  • Boys football coaching for years 5/6.(This led to participation in CDPSSA leagues and tournaments)
  • Football coaching for both boys and girls in years 3 and 4.
  • Hockey coaching for years 4, 5 and 6. (This led to participation in Quickstick tournaments at Clacton Leisure Centre. The year 4 team won their event. The team also took part in the CDPSSA hockey league)
  • Multiskills clubs were run for years 3 and 4.
  • A very successful cycling club was held for pupils and links made with other schools too. Road safety issues and cycling technique for competition was covered. (This led to inter-schools competitions/tournaments and cycling events)
  • Lunchtime clubs and and pre-school structured activities were provided from 8:15 a.m. (keeping pupils engaged at all times has greatly improved general behaviour throughout the school)
  • Sports coaches have also been employed to uplevel the skills of class teachers and introduce the children to a wide range of new sports. For example:
  • Free judo taster sessions for all children over two terms £360
  • Golf tuition £100
  • Tennis coaching £100
  • Groups worked with a local gymnast.
  • Numbers of pupils engaged in a wide variety of different sports has improved as a result of the extended provision.

Premium Sports Funding 2015/2016

This year the funding at Alton Park has been £10,194. We have used the Sports Premium Funding to provide a range of outside agencies to work alongside our teachers. We aim to support and engage all children through additional new and free clubs.

  • Coaches in football, rugby, basketball and netball are working with the teachers to up level the skills of both children and class teachers.
  • Our sports co-ordinator coaches in cricket, football, basketball, handball and tennis and also works alongside teachers to up level their skills. This has led to participation in CDPSSA leagues and tournaments.
  • Year 5 pupils have had free taster sessions in Fencing.(£1200)
  • A new portable sound system was purchased to be used outside for Sports Day/cross country events and at lunchtimes.
  • Additional sports resources, including goal posts, footballs, tennis balls and hula hoops, to be used during the lunch break, have also been purchased.( £540) This has improved the hand/eye co-ordination and general ball skills of many students. Gifted and talented groups have been devised as a result and general confidence across a wide range of abilities has improved.
  • The whole school have had free taster sessions in gymnastics, judo and dance.
  • Additional after school and lunch time clubs are offered across the whole school, including the continuation of the very popular cycling club. The amount of different activities offered, on a regular basis, continues to have a positive affect on general behaviour.
  • The funding has been used to help subsidise weekly swimming sessions for year 4.
  • A wide range of sports has been provided to encourage children to be actively involved in a physical culture in a fun and exciting atmosphere. For example, free archery taster sessions were provided at a cost of £350. An athletics coach worked with children. (£200) Judo has continued over two terms. (£360) Pupils have had access to a wide range of different sports activities and participation and engagement across the school has improved.
  • We have greatly benefitted from the premium sports funding and look  forward to extending further the range of opportunities and activities that we can offer in the future.

Alton Park Sports Premium Funding 2016-2017:

Sports Funding Autumn 2016 Sports Funding Spring 2017 Sports Funding Summer 2017



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