Charging & Remissions Policy

Charging for activities connected with schools

Governing Bodies are required to have a policy for charging and remissions re school activities. Our policy is based upon the Essex Local Authority Model Policy.

Voluntary contributions

We may ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of:

  • any activity which takes place during school hours
  • school equipment (including replacement costs)
  • school funds generally

The contribution must be genuinely voluntary, though, and the pupils of the parents who are unable or unwilling to contribute may not be discriminated against. Where there are not enough voluntary contributions to make the activity possible, and there is no way to make up the shortfall, then it must be cancelled.

There is no legal reason why a school should not invite parents/carers to make voluntary contributions towards the cost of providing activities within and outside school hours.

Residential trips

We offer a residential trip. The cost of the board and lodging, instruction and travel during residential school trips will be charged. This cost will not exceed the actual cost of the provision.

The school will consider any genuine requests for financial assistance where there are identified hardships.  They will also make arrangements for payments – ie weekly / monthly payments over a longer period.

Instrumental Music tuition

A charge is made for instrumental music tuition.  Lessons are offered via Essex Music  Services and it is this fee that is passed onto parents for payment.  The cost of lessons will not exceed the actual cost of the provision.

Charges for “finished products”

Schools can make a charge to cover the costs of materials/ingredients for subjects such as design or food technology where the parents have indicated in advance that they would like their child to bring home the finished product. At Alton Park, we do not make a charge for cooking.

Charges for broken or damaged resources / property

Whilst the school does not anticipate such damage of property, should this occur, governors believe that parents should make a contribution to the replacement costs.

Charges for school records on written request from Parents/Carers

School documentation and records, other than those normally provided to those with parental responsibility, must be requested in writing and will attract a charge to cover work and photocopying costs. These charges have been set at £1.00 per sheet with a maximum charge of £50.00, charges will be payable on or before receipt of documents. If, however, a complaint is upheld by Governors, after the formal complaints procedure has been followed, any charges will be refunded to the claimant.


Although no charge can be made for “equipment” for use in school in connection with education provided during school hours, clothing is specifically excluded from the definition of equipment. Parents can therefore be asked to provide their children with such things as PE kit.

Information on charging and remissions policy

Parents are entitled to information about a school’s charging and remissions policy, and governing bodies must ensure that this is available on request during school hours.