Who are the Alton Park PTA?

turtleYour PTA at Alton Park Junior School has grown to provide a range of social and fundraising events throughout the year, from the half-termly school discos to the increasingly popular Halloween Walkabout; an event that always scares both adults and children alike! Every parent and child become a member of the PTA as soon as you join the school.

Like most other Parent Teacher Associations, the Alton Park PTA has a committee that meets regularly to plan and organise our events. Our committee is mainly made up of parents and Alton Park staff. However we also have children from the school involved in meetings and the event planning process too as we believe the children’s voice is vital to running a successful event or competition.

Our main contact for the PTA is teacher Mr Dave Baxter, who can be contacted via the School Office

How can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the PTA. There are many ways that you could help and any help is always appreciated. Don’t feel like you have to attend regular meetings or help out at every event. You could always help us advertise by displaying our event posters, encouraging others to attend, donating raffle prizes if you can, or even making a suggestion for a future event or fundraiser.

You may work for a company that allows staff members to participate in the pound-for-pound match funding scheme. Similarly, your company may be able to donate prizes or sponsor an event in return for free advertising.

If you feel you can help your PTA in any way, shape or form please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to offer more and join our active fundraising committee, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via the School Office.

Look out for our new Alton Park PTA Facebook page which will be going live soon. Please remember that you must be at least 13 years old to use Facebook.

Children’s Voice

Alton_Park_Junior_School_Essex_1335The children are an integral part of the PTA, and often have some of the best ideas about what they want at events and what to spend their money on.

We like to listen to the children and take their ideas on board. Since September 2015, some children have:

  • Initiated the return of the Easter Egg competition,
  • Attended PTA meetings with adult members of the PTA,
  • Spent funds online to buy stalls and sideshows for the Christmas Bazaar,
  • Been taken shopping to purchase items for their chocolate fountain stall at the Christmas Bazaar, an idea pitched to the PTA ‘Apprentice’ style,
  • Helped run stalls at events, including discos.

How are the funds spent?

The money raised at the exciting events held throughout the year is spent in a variety of ways. In the 2014-2015 academic year the PTA:

  • Donated £100 to each class to spend on classroom reading areas,
  • Allocated money to feed and look after the animals in the Alton Park paddock,
  • Bought more disco lighting for the hall, as asked for by the children,
  • Purchased the ‘boat’ seating seen outside the School Hall, as chosen by the children,
  • Gave each class teacher money towards Christmas presents.

PTA Newsletters

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events on the calendar, in the school newsletters (listed on correspondence page), website news bulletins, electronic noticeboards situated inside and outside the school building, paper flyers sent home with children.