School Dinners

Alton_Park_Junior_School_Essex_1293Please be aware that the weekly menus may vary slightly from time to time.

If your child requires a Jacket Potato (when it is available from the menu) they should order one via their Teacher at morning registration please. They can make their choice of filling at the Dining Hall Counter.

Fresh Bread and choice of Yoghurt and fresh fruit is available every day.

Milk, water and juice are served every day.

Dinners are £2.00 payable in advance payable by cash, cheque or via the Schoolgateway app (which provides daily updates of your child’s balance).  Click the blue button to find out more information about Schoolgateway:- About Schoolgateway

Dinner Menus

We have listed below which menu we run on each week for your assistance.

StarfishWeek 1 Menu will be on the week-commencing dates below:-

24th April, 15th May, 12th June and 3rd July 2017

Week 2 Menu will be on the week-commencing dates below:-

2nd May, 22nd May, 19th June and 10th July 2017

Week 3 Menu will be on the week-commencing dates below:-

8th May, 5th June, 26th June, 17th July 2017

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