Homework: Show My Homework

Every Year group will be using “Show my Homework” which is an award-winning software solution to managing, amongst other things, homework.  You can find lots of information about the package at  www.showmyhomework.co.uk

The children receive a letter with personal pins and a pin number for parents/carers to access their homework calendar. The website is accessible on PCs, Laptops, iPads and many tablets.  A lot of secondary schools use this system too. The children are able to access all homework straight away as well as find handy revision guides, quizzes, spelling tests and times table tests, all of which are marked instantly online so that they get instant feedback.

Children are also able to leave comments for their teachers if they have found an element of their homework particularly difficult.

Paper copies of all of the homework is available so that children without access to the internet can still complete it and hand it in to their teachers to get marked.

Any questions?

One teacher per year group has been allocated responsibility for dealing with any queries parents/carers may have as follows:-

Year 3 – Miss Wrycraft

Year 4 – Mr Crees

Year 5 – Miss Howell

Year 6 – Miss Robertson