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FSM Vouchers: Edenred Update 24th April

The way we are sending Free School Meal Vouchers is changing from 21st April 2020

Since the school closed, we have been using Wonde to send your FSM electronic supermarket vouchers to your email or mobile.  From 21st April we will be adopting the National Scheme (in line with government recommendations) with the vouchers being funded by the Department for Education.  This will mean that your vouchers will now be sent via a company called Edenred.

The main change is that vouchers will be sent to your email address only – there is no facility on the Edenred site to send them by text to your mobile.

Next issue

We have placed the order for the next batch of vouchers which should be issued on or around Tuesday, 21st April to the value of £30 per eligible child to cover the ensuing 2 weeks (ie Monday, 20th April to Friday, 1st May 2020).

Due to the sheer volume that Edenred are processing, we anticipate there may be some delay in these being issued but we would hope parents/carers would receive these during the course of the first week after the Easter break.

What if parents do not have an email address?

We have texted those parents/carers for whom we do not hold an email address to contact the school to provide us with one (of which there were very few).  Those parents/carers who have not updated our records will be sent vouchers through the post which may result in a further delay.

IMPORTANT: Expiry Dates

Please note that your eCode will expire after 4 months and the money associated with it will be returned to the Department for Education.

Please be assured we will do everything we can to make sure everyone receives their vouchers as quickly as possible.

If you need to update your email address, please write to secretary@altonpark.essex.sch.uk giving your name, your child’s name and your email address.

For more information about Edenred and instructions on how to claim your vouchers please click here.