Members of the PLT:

Mr Richard Moodey
Mr Iain Martin
Mr Michael Chisnall
Dr Diane Halstead

Trustees of the PLT:

Mr Richard Moodey
Mrs Carol Carlsson Browne
Mrs Tracey Cullen-Kennedy
Ms Stephanie Neill
Mrs Jane Bass
Mr Graham Lancaster
Mr Anthony Welch
Mrs Michelle Kerridge

Members of the Local Governing Body:

Mrs Michelle Kerridge
Mrs Tracey Cullen-Kennedy
Mrs Joanne Hartman
Mrs Lorna Moss
Mrs Naomi Lower
Mrs Marie Clifford-Hales
Mrs Ann Oxley
Mrs Kate Vaughan
Mr Matthew Moseley
Mrs Samantha Norfolk

Record of Members’ Business Interests:

Click here to see the Register of our members’ pecuniary and Personal interests: Pecuniary Interests

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