Year 4 Visit to Colchester Castle

On Friday 29th November, Year 4 took a trip to Britain’s oldest recorded town, Colchester. There, they visited the castle, which first became a museum in 1860. The castle, which began construction in 1076, was built by the Normans over the ruined Roman Temple of Claudius.

Whilst visiting the castle museum, the children got the chance to see some of the most important historical finds in British history. These included Celtic coins, Roman statues and mosaics, medieval paintings and even real suits of armour.

As well as having free time to investigate and discover in the castle museum, the children became archaeologists on a guided tour from a castle historian. They descended into the Roman vaults below the castle, where they learnt about the Roman invasion and Boudica’s revolt. They also had the chance to work as teams, building a large scale model of a Roman villa or Iron Age roundhouse and even got the chance to dress up in Roman costumes and handle replicas of Roman shields.

We hope that this trip has inspired the children to investigate, compare and question their ideas about the world around them and reinforced their interest in history.

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