School Gates – Opening Time and Arrangements for Year 3’s

Please note that our school gates open at 8.30am every morning to allow children to access the playground before school starts.
On the first day, all our new Year 3 pupils should enter the playground with their parents who should take them to the doors at the rear of the main hall.  There will be staff on the gate to give directions.  From the second day, Y3 children should be taken by parents to the rear of the Year 3 classrooms which are accessed by turning left at the far end of the playground and entering the front field which is accessible at 8.40am.  Again, staff will be on hand to give directions should you need them. 
Home Time Arrangements
At the end of the school day, the gates will open at approximately 3.05pm to allow parents into the playground to wait in the general location of the doors where children will exit as follows:-
Year 3: At the rear of the Year 3 classes.  Parents must walk to the end of the playground and turn left at the end of the main building which will lead them into the front Year 3 field.  Turn left again to head towards the rear of the Year 3 classes.
Year 4: Via the first set of doors leading into the main playground.
Year 5: Via the second set of doors, and
Year 6: Via the third set of doors situated at the far end of the main building/playground.

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