Absent Parent

“Absent” Parents

If a parent does not reside with their child they may find they are missing out on important information from us throughout the year.  There are a couple of things that can be put in place to help resolve the problem:-

  1.  Subscribe to our school website – when visiting the site a prompt box should appear which allows the visitor to enter their email address and the relevant year group.  From that point onwards, the subscriber will receive, by email, weekly updates of all the news items/letters that have been uploaded to the site that week.  Don’t forget to change your child’s year group at the start of each new academic year to ensure you receive the information relevant to your child’s current year;
  2. Complete the Absent Parent Form and return it to the school office. (You can either download the form from the website or ask the office to provide a copy.);

Alternatively, contact our office staff who will be happy to assist you.

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