Cold Snap – Advice from the Met Office

As we are currently experiencing a cold snap, we thought it would be helpful to post the “Weather Ready Advice”  given by the Met Office.  The site gives lots of other information too and offers a free subscription service so that the public can receive the most up-to-date weather-related news.

Whilst on the subject, the current forecast does not indicate that conditions are/will become severe in this district, however, we thought this post would also be a good opportunity to remind parents of the following points:-

In the event of severe weather, every effort will be made to keep the school open.  The Headteacher’s main considerations when making the decision are whether enough teaching staff are able to travel into school (many do not live in the Clacton area), the weather conditions local to the school and the condition of the school site.  For these reasons, the Headteacher is usually only able to make any decision at short notice;
We will endeavour to send a message out to parents/carers immediately after the decision has been made via the following means:-

  • Text and emails via School Comms;
  • School website;
  • Essex Radio.

We would ask you to please avoid telephoning the school number where possible.

Thank you.


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