Year 4’s Colchester Castle visit on 6th December

On Thursday the 6th December, Year 4 children, visited Colchester Castle to end their Roman history topic. The children were very excited to visit the castle and once they arrived they had opportunities to make a Celtic roundhouse and a Roman villa, along with looking at artefacts in the museum and visiting the vaults!

We were all excited on the bus, on our way to the castle!

Finally we arrived!

All classes got to spend time finding out about the romans in the museum; trying on clothes, watching tutorials and looking at artefacts.

There was a lot to look at.


the Roman shields were so heavy!

Researching to find facts.

There was so much to see.

Trying on celtic clothes in the museum

What a scary bunch!

Finding facts in the museum

 We had our own room to enjoy our lunch in!


Lunch was good!

Jack and Flappy  enjoyed himself

It was fun!

We made a Roman archway!


In the vaults we learnt about the triose formation

…and about the Cetic tribes when the Roman’s attacked.

We learnt about the Temple of Claudius

We made a Celtic roundhouse and a Roman villa


Tired, we crossed the bridge towards home

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