Year 6 Easter School

On Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th April, keen members of Year 6 came into school for a ‘Maths Bootcamp’ with Miss Robertson, Mr Crees, Miss Howell and Mrs Durrant.

On Tuesday, the children focussed on improving their arithmetic skills. They started by completing a treasure hunt that included inverse operations, percentages, fractions and the four operations. After that, they applied their knowledge of arithmetic and place value to solve some reasoning problems using digit cards. In the afternoon, the children chose areas that they wanted to work on including multiplication and division of fractions before finishing the day by playing ‘Escape from the Castle’. In order to escape, everyone had to solve 5 tricky reasoning problems in order to win keys.

I really enjoyed the treasure hunt because you had to solve each problem before you could move on. Because of that, we could spot our own mistakes and if we couldn’t, we could ask a teacher for some help!


On Wednesday, the children focussed on their reasoning skills. They began by completing a reasoning trail involving lots of worded problems on a range of mathematical topics. They were sure to take the time to choose their operations carefully and make sure they answered the full question when working with 2 step problems. Then (upon request yesterday) they had a quick refresher on using analogue clocks and digital clocks correctly. Following this, the children worked on ratio and proportion alongside measures to create their own ‘Teacher Putty’ to take home (it got very messy with all the glitter).

I’m taking the recipe home to have another go at this!

This was so fun!


I didn’t know much about ratio before, but I totally get it now!


Following this, the group learnt more about time intervals and timetables and reviewed how to use a timeline to work out the differences in time. The children are now much more confident about solving these problems in the upcoming SATS.

I had a great time! I would come to school every day over the holidays to do this! Thank you for putting it on for us.

Harry C

Well done to all of the children who attended – we all had a wonderful time and made lots of progress! We all hope that you enjoy the rest of the holidays Year 6!

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